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My home didn't sell! now what?

Expired Listing? Here are a few tips from the expired expert:

Do any of these empty promises sound familiar?

  • I'll sell your home or I'll buy it.
  • I already have a buyer for your home!
  • I have an exclusive buyer network.
  • I have access to buyers world wide.

These promises seldom hold true and/or are negated in small print.

Forget empty promises and ask your agent these seven questions:

  • How extensive is the social media marketing?
  • Are you gong to have professional photography, drone & HD video as part of the marketing?
  • Will you help me with staging advice?
  • Is there a pre-MLS strategy?
  • How accessible are you and how often will you communicate?
  • Are there any upfront fees?
  • Can I cancel at anytime if I am not satisfied?

What can you do? - Think like a buyer.  Buyers look at affordability first and foremost.  Most are already pre-approved by a lender and know exactly how much they have to spend.  Whether it’s with their agents or online, buyers shop in price ranges,  typically $25,000.00 increments. With that in mind, it’s far better to price your home at $699,995 or $724,000 than at $705,000. This is to make sure the buyer who is qualified to buy your home will actually see it.

Determine your asking price. It’s important when using comparables to determine your asking price that the homes are close in proximity, similar in size, and similar in appearance to your home.  Just as you want the most money possible for your home, your buyer wants to pay the least amount of money. The buyer isn’t interested in how much you paid for the home,  what you paid for upgrades, or how much money you need to make from the sale. They are only interested in whether or not they want those features and whether or  not the home is worth the price you’re asking. Look at your home as critically as you can.


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